King of Galata Tower

Yusuf GÜZEL 7 Mayıs 2020
King of Galata Tower

Story: This seagull can be one of the few photos I will never forget. According to the legend, if you go to the Galata Tower with someone you love, you will marry that person. I was in the tower of the gala with my favorite person that day. It was a cold rainy March 5th day. I must say that when you climb to the highest point of the Galata Tower, the last thing you expect is a seagull waiting for you. You can’t usually get close to seagulls. I have never been close to such a great seagull in my life. I had dozens of photos that day. I can swear that this seagull was posing while I was taking a picture. It was as if he had been photographed by the tourists to the Hill of the Galatasaray.

Location: Galata Tower

Model: King of Seagulls

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